If you do not have a graphic design ready for printing, you can use our graphic assistance.

Graphic files, which you pay for preparation, we send you in formats accepted by all printing houses.

If you want to learn how to properly prepare a design for printing yourself, read our article on the subject.
In the FAQ you will find the formats that we accept for printing.

Rules for providing graphic design services

  • the final pricing of the project is determined after discussing the exact requirements of the customer
  • each project is prepared after prepayment
  • the realization time of the graphic service depends on the type of the project
  • acceptance of the project must be made in writing (e-mail)
  • the price list of specified graphic projects includes 1 project prepared by a graphic designer
  • graphic designer and possible 1 change of the project concept
  • project amendment is understood as e.g. change of color, typeface

Project preparation – files

The client is required to send the files that he would like to include in the project. Photos should be high resolution (minimum 300 ppi), while any logos in vector notation.

If you wish to include texts, you can type them in a message to us, but please note that we do not make corrections in the content, we do not check grammatical errors, spelling errors or typos.

If you order the preparation of the project on the basis of the description alone, please remember to include as many details as possible, such as the preferred color scheme, the theme of the graphics, what should be highlighted, what typeface should be used. Lack of this type of information may prolong the implementation time.

We do not have a database of photos/graphics.