Screen Printing

T-shirts, sweatshirts and other textiles are things that screen printing likes. Printing from 10 pieces!

DTF digital printing

Innovative printing technique, which even on the old wonks is quite impressive. Printing from as little as 1 piece.

Thermal transfer

That is, flex or flock printing. Simple designs, lettering - here thermal transfer is ideal. Starting from 1 piece.


Fullprints are great for sports shirts or for dynamic brands. Realization from 10 pieces.


On polyester clothing including sportswear. Mugs, lanyards or pillowcases are often also decorated with sublimation. Realization already from 1 piece.


Full color print on flock, very often used on fleece. Realization from 1 piece.


Fleece, sweatshirts, caps, towels, bags, polo shirts - these are the textiles on which you will most often see embroidery. Realization from 10 pieces.


Jacquard and sublimation labels, cardboard labels. Full service clothing brand.

Pad printing

Marking of small advertising gadgets. From pens to golf balls. Realization from 20 pieces.


Marking covers of book calendars, notebooks, wallets, leather blanks and much more. Realization from 20 pieces.

Laser Engraving

Marking in wood, aluminum, metal and many other materials. Realization from 20 pieces.


You already know what printing techniques we have, so now you would probably like to know our prices ;)