To further refine and personalise products, consider taking out and sewing in labels. This solution is mainly used by clothing brands. Our offer consists of jacquard and sublimated labels, as cardboard tags and decorative items made of plastics.

Jacquard woven labels

Labels with the most distinctive look; the design is formed during weaving.

  • Low price per piece
  • High durability and resistance
  • Air of exclusivity
  • Order fulfilment – about 2 weeks
  • Price increases with each additional colour
  • Minimum order – 1500 pieces

Sublimated labels

Labels applied using the sublimation method. It allows for multicoloured designs, containing for instance gradients or tiny elements.

  • High durability
  • Fast order fulfilment
  • Unlimited colour gamut (additional colours do not increase price)
  • Minimum order – 100 m of sublimation tape

Screen printed labels

Labels applied directly on the fabric, usually on the inside of the neck area.

  • Number of pieces from as low as 10
  • Multicoloured and detailed designs
  • Perfect for refining clothing as an addition to the jacquard label
  • Fast order fulfilment
  • Manufacturer labels must be taken out to achieve consistent look

We recommend sublimated and thermal transfer labels to those who need smaller quantities (e.g. for a one-time event) as well as beginners, who are not certain of the end result. If, however, you want to order larger quantities or be able to manufacture regularly, jacquard labels will be your best bet.

Additionally, you can also decorate clothing with Hang Tags. These are tags made of cardboard or plastics. They can take every shape and design, and can be added to existing labels using different kinds of string. This will give your brand an exclusive look which will attract potential customers.