Check out what is going on in new office renovation – Soon the opening!

A couple of days ago we wrote about our new office in Gdansk. Thanks to our renovation theme straight from Marvel’s comics, the office is almost ready. And as usual – few photos from the battleground! We want to assure you, no photographer or electric eel... read more

Brand new office in Gdansk

In September 2014 we invite all our customers to our new office. It’ll be located in a brand new building in Gdańsk, Poland on 65 Hynka street. As one can notice on the photo below, still we have plenty of work before the opening, but as usualy the most... read more

Mollo Club Grand Opening and our works

As we love to have unsusual commissions, we often have such. One of these was the grand opening of Mollo Club in Sopot. The manager ordered black shirts branded with club’s logo for all bartenders and staff. We were also invited to the opening, which we used to... read more

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