DTF print for self-imprinting

DTF print for self-imprinting

New quality of personalization on clothing

Nowadays, personalization has become one of the key elements of standing out in the market. Whether you run a small company or a large business, the ability to customize apparel and other products to suit your needs is invaluable. One of the innovations in personalization is DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing, which allows for exceptional quality and creativity in designing your own designs.

What is DTF printing?
DTF printing is an innovative technology that allows designs to be applied to garments and other products using special thermal transfer films and a press. It is a process that combines the advantages known from traditional screen printing and modern digital technologies. The result is durable and high-quality prints with exceptional sharpness and vivid colors.

Self-embossing: creativity in your hands
An interesting feature of DTF printing is the ability to self-dent prints onto garments. This means that you can order your designs from us on a special film (on sheets or in a roll by meters), and then transfer them to the selected product by self-insertion with the help of a press (the iron has too little temperature and too little pressure). This is ideal for those who value control over the project and want to experiment with their own ideas.

Advantages of DTF self-imprinting
Creativity at your fingertips: Creating designs yourself and indenting them onto garments is a chance to create unique and unrepeatable products that reflect your vision.

Cost-effectiveness: DTF printing allows you to mark garments from as little as 1 piece. This is ideal for small businesses and individual projects.

Speed: The DTF dipping process is relatively quick and easy, allowing you to quickly fulfill your own orders, even if they are custom.

Multifunctionality: DTF printing can be used not only on apparel, but also on a variety of materials and products, such as bags, sweatshirts and hats.

How to use DTF printing for your business
If you’re running a business or just want to use the potential of personalization for your own purposes, DTF printing is a great tool. You can create personalized gifts for customers, promotional gadgets, or original products to sell. Order a printed sheet from us and see how easy it is!

DTF self-inking printing opens up a whole new perspective in the field of personalization. This tool gives you full control over your design and allows you to create unique designs on clothing and other products. DTF printing is not only a new quality of personalization, it also puts creativity in your hands.

If you want to explore the unlimited possibilities of DTF printing for self-inking, email us at info@printexpress.pl with the attached file. We will give you a quote for DTF sheets or rolls by meter.czonym plikiem. Zrobimy Ci wycenę arkuszy DTF lub rolki na metry.