If the design requires accuracy, photorealistic reproduction, consists of many colors, shades and tones (such as a photo), then sublimation is the best printing technique.
It is performed on white polyester materials (such as sports jerseys) and on white cylindrical classic mugs.


  • Very high durability of printing
  • Complex, intricate designs can be printed in a full range of colors
  • Flexibility of printing
  • Wide application (mugs, lanyards, clothing, umbrellas, bags, etc.)
  • No cost of design preparation before printing
  • Printing only on polyester materials or its admixture (which is not necessarily a disadvantage, and can even be an advantage, for example, with the sensational Russel HD T-shirts)
  • Can be printed only on white or light-colored surfaces

A marking technology for advertising articles based on the passage of sublimation ink from a print on a special carrier into the structure of selected materials or other suitable substrates using a heat transfer press. As a result, we obtain multicolor prints in photographic quality resistant to washing, washing, abrasion or weather conditions. We decorate bright textiles, ceramics, metal, wood, etc. with this technique.

Sublimacja na poliestrze
number of colors available
tonal transitions (gradient)
resistance to proper washing
cost-effectiveness with low effort
cost-effectiveness with a circulation of 20+