Looking for a classy and elegant promotional gift for your customers? Subtle laser engraving will probably be your best bet. This highly precise and durable method allows for conveying even the tiniest of details.

Laser engraving

  • Able to use small graphics and font sizes with high readability
  • Durability of the branding
  • Quick application on items
  • No pre-production costs
  • Low number of pieces possible
  • Monochrome designs only
  • No option to change the colour of branded surface; it is entirely dependent on the item being branded

The durability of the method stems from the fact that the laser burns a thin layer of the surface of the item being branded. This is also why the colour of the engraving is dependent on the surface. We use YAG and CO2 lasers to print on the following materials: metal, wood, glass, skin, cardboard, plastics, engraving laminate sheet and stamping rubber.