Engraving on advertising gadgets

Engraving on advertising gadgets

Laser engraving involves burning a thin layer of the surface of the engraved object with a CO2 or YAG laser. This gives us the exceptional quality of a durable and precise design, which is ideal for marking advertising gadgets.

What can be engraved on?

  • engraving on metal
  • engraving on acrylic
  • engraving on cork
  • engraving on leather
  • engraving on glass
  • engraving on wood
  • engraving on plates
  • engraving on pens and markers
  • engraving on phone cases
  • engraving on stone
  • engraving on marble etc.

Can I choose the color of the engraving?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose the color with laser engraving. Engraving is the process of burning the thin top layer of an item. In other words, the first layer of the item is “removed” and the color that appears after marking depends very much on the item being engraved. Interestingly, when the same object is engraved again, the color can be completely different from the first attempt.

Advantages of laser engraving

The biggest advantage of engraving is durability and high quality. Such marking is resistant to abrasion. The logo will be visible for years. Since there is no prepress here, so there are no additional costs. This method of marking is very attractive in terms of time as well as price. The end result is always very elegant. It is ideal for marking promotional gifts.

Image files

We prepare the graphic design on the basis of files sent to us in vectors (.cdr, .eps, .ai or pdf)


We perform engraving on all the previously mentioned items. If you are not sure if your product can be engraved, no worries! Email us with your inquiry and we will be happy to answer your question – info@printexpress.pl