Specialized printing on T-shirts

Specialized printing on T-shirts

Probably, more than once you have come into contact with an interesting print on a T-shirt, which was already visible from a distance and was remembered by you. We will introduce you to what methods can be used to obtain just such original prints with effects on clothing.

  • Fluorescent prints – are unique in terms of brilliance and brightness of colors. The effect is remarkable in daylight and under UV light. We make fluorescent prints using the sublimation method from a roll.
  • Neon prints – recently very popular colors:
    neon yellow, neon green, neon blue and neon pink.
    This effect can be achieved with neon inks when screen printing as well as with flex foil.
  • Gold and silver prints – an equally popular method of decorating garments. Overprints with such colors can be obtained by screen printing with special paints or flex foil. However, computer embroidery with silver and gold threads is equally common. The end result is unusual, very noble, strongly distinctive. There is no way for someone to miss such embroidery.
  • Swell prints – are unique in every way. Strongly felt under the fingers, visually very nice presentation, we get the effect of 3D printing. Swelling prints are created using the screen printing method, these are special inks that swell slightly under the influence of temperature. The end result is a strong and durable print that will be particularly eye-catching.
  • 3D computer embroidery – we are very fond of this type of embroidery. It is extremely elegant, strong and sturdy. It comes out especially beautifully with very minimalistic designs, such as simple and short inscriptions. It takes your breath away when you hold such embroidery, for example, on a baseball cap. Highly recommended.
  • Glitter, holo, spectrum and rainbow prints – for such marking we will need flex film. With this method we will get strong effects that can be used on T-shirts or other clothing.
  • Full-printing on cotton – only recently have we started printing multicolor designs that are on the entire surface of a T-shirt. How is this possible? Thanks to a specialized printer that prints rolls of cotton by meters. Then we transfer such printed material to the sewing room to sew beautiful, fully printed T-shirts or sweatshirts from previously prepared templates. This is a time-consuming and expensive process, but if you have high expectations, this method is ideal. We accept orders for printed cotton
    from 1 mb.
  • Full-print on polyester – the process looks similar to cotton, except that polyester is used instead of cotton. Full-print polyester T-shirts are mostly used in sports. Such shirts will perform best. The print is undetectable, the material is breathable and lightweight, and extremely durable. It is possible to personalize each T-shirt. The minimum mintage is 10 pieces.

All these mentioned methods of marking clothing are made by us at Printexpress.pl. Our printing house is in Gdansk, so if you are in the area, you are welcome to visit us at our office at u. Trawki 7.

It should also be added that all these mentioned methods of marking clothing are counted more as typical prints. This is due to the higher cost of specialized paints, threads, or film. Of course, we do not discourage on the contrary, write to us, send us the project and we will make a quote and keep in touch with you. Mail: info@printexpress.pl

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