When is it worth using sublimation printing?

When is it worth using sublimation printing?

Advertising gadgets are an excellent tool for promoting a brand. That’s why, it is so important that they are properly tailored to the target group. Of course, it is also worth ensuring that their execution is neat and professional. After all, they are a kind of business card of the company.

Durable and aesthetically pleasing? It’s possible!

According to the well-known and common principle “as they see you, so they write you”, it is worth ensuring that each advertising gadget fully reflects the professionalism and value of your company. In order to achieve a print that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing, you need to choose the right method for transferring the design to the material. In many cases, one of the most popular techniques will work, that is – sublimation! When is it worth using sublimation printing? The answer is obvious. In a nutshell – if you care about low cost and high quality.

What makes sublimation printing durable?

The sublimation printing method is characterized by remarkable durability, while creating satisfactory effects. No wonder, then, that it is used by most companies that opt for branded gadgets. The use of the sublimation method, provides incredible durability and surprising effects. There is no possibility that the print will rub off during daily use or washing. Need a large print run, but don’t want to incur high costs? This is a situation when you should use sublimation printing.

Sublimation printing involves.

As the name suggests, this technique is based on the principle of sublimation. When transferring a design to a suitable material, there is a direct transition of the solid state into a gaseous state. Under the influence of high temperature and appropriate pressure, the ink penetrates deep into the material – at the same time becoming part of it. The structure of the print is not felt, and your design is perfectly reproduced.

Are you sure this is a good choice?

There are no perfect solutions, but there are some whose advantages overshadow their disadvantages. In case you need personalized gadgets, the sublimation method, will be a great solution. With this technique you can decorate not only mugs, but also materials made of wood, metal and polyester textiles.

If you are wondering which technology to choose and which will be the most cost-effective, contact us! We will suggest when to use sublimation printing and when screen printing, for example, would be better.

But before you do, learn all the advantages of sublimation printing:

One, two, three – done!

Sublimation is a simple process with amazing results. The printed elements are transferred to the material in an express manner. As a result, it is conducive to high production volumes.

In my day…

Sublimation has been known for years – it is said to have been used as early as the Middle Ages. Today’s capabilities and effects are obviously superior to what was produced in the past. However, this does not change the fact that effective printing methods have not been forgotten to this day.

The image as if it were alive!

Sublimation is characterized by unrivaled quality. It is possible to reproduce images even in high resolution, giving gadgets exceptional realism and sharpness.

Irresistible printing

The reproduced image will not rub off or peel off. It will survive quite a lot, and even its frequent use or washing does not affect it in any negative way. You can wash the mugs in the dishwasher and the T-shirts in the washing machine, without the risk of being damaged by heat and detergents.

Sublimation is fond of ecology!

Printing by this method is safe and non-toxic. The inks are produced on a water-based basis. Thanks to the fact that it is transferred to the material under the influence of high temperature, it is not harmful to health.

High quality combined with extraordinary durability and effect. Now – knowing all the advantages of this method – are you still wondering whether it is worth using it?

Take care of your company’s image

Do not allow your promotional gadgets to be of low quality. They are meant to promote your brand and bring it fame. If you don’t take care of high quality prints – their career will be short. Don’t let your company’s advertising be harmed by a dishwasher or washing machine. Choose the best, but also cost-effective solutions. Enjoy the amazing results!

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