Advertising lanyards and printed wristbands

Advertising lanyards and printed wristbands

This advertising product has been with us for so long that no one is surprised anymore when you get one at a corporate event, business meeting, sports event or music festival. Lanyards come in very different forms: they are latex, polyester, hemmed, wide, thin, printed on two sides, one side, with a buckle (quick release), with a snap hook or loop.

What are their applications?

Advertising lanyards are great for mass events, when we need a badge tag tag. They are a convenient gadget that performs very well in terms of convenience, aesthetics as well as economy. The choice of lanyards is very important, so you need to think about how they will be used before ordering. Is it lanyards for a concert or a business conference. Also important is the budget we have for the product. Because custom lanyards, sewn, with a buckle or double-sided printing, will come out more expensive, but will stay with the customer for a longer period of time, because the quality and durability will be closely related to the price.

Fabric lanyards

Very popular, universal, often chosen by customers. Mostly made of polyester, plastic or mixtures of these materials. They are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and configurations. They can be with an extendable handle, with a snap hook, with a metal clip, with a phone holder. For marking these lanyards, sublimation technique is most often used. Edged, corded lanyards are becoming increasingly popular. They are more comfortable to wear, as they do not have edges that can put pressure. These lanyards are marked with a wide variety of techniques.

Custom lanyards

We have something interesting in our offer, for those looking for lanyards that are unique. A lanyard made of paper with seeds from wildflowers. Complete with a metal snap hook. 20 mm wide. Marked with screen printing.


  • Clip-on wristband made of polyester. Very often used at various events. Wide range of available colors. Marked most often with screen printing or sublimation technique.
  • Silicone wristband. Also a popular wristband at events. Marked with pad printing or screen printing in the round.
  • Tyvek wristband. Festival wristbands with a width of 19mm. Wristbands are available in a wide range of colors. They are marked with screen printing.
  • Reflective, retractable wristband. For promotional purposes only. Marked with pad printing.

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