Allover print

Allover print

Allover printing – what does it mean?

While custom printing on clothing is unique in itself, there is a way to intensify the effect. Whether you’re planning to create promotional clothing or want to gift your loved ones something special, it’s essential to learn about allover printing, why?

Allover also known as “fullprint”

In various stores and printers you will come across the name fullprint. This is exactly the same as allover printing, and what does it mean? The biggest differentiator is that with this method you can cover 100% of the surface. Unlike many methods that limit the editing area to the front, back and sometimes the sleeves, with allover printing you can apply your design to the entire surface of a T-shirt or promotional gadget.

Durability, thanks to sublimation

At PrintExpress, it is the sublimation method that is responsible for the allover print. What does this mean? As we wrote in our article, this is one way to apply graphics to clothing, mugs, or other gadgets. Its durability is due to the fact that the ink – with the sublimation process – becomes one with the surface to which it is applied. Combining this with the lack of restrictions in terms of surface, we have made allover printing a brilliant way to make your clothes stand out in a crowd!

What to use the allover print for?

Yes, as we mentioned above. It doesn’t really matter if you plan to design T-shirts for your company or give someone a unique gift. You are only limited by your imagination when you decide to use allover printing. What does this mean? Among other things, that you can even design sportswear for your local team, or group of friends! And this is all thanks to the fact that you can apply literally any graphic to literally every inch of fabric.

Limited allover printing – what does it mean?

Can such an accurate method have limitations? It turns out that yes. Nothing is perfect. However, when it comes to allover printing, the only limitation is the material of the garment. At PrintExpress – to ensure maximum quality – we realize allover printing on clothes in which the main component is polyester. A similar situation applies to advertising gadgets or personalized gifts. It is worth noting, however, that the material, is the only real limitation you may face when deciding on allover printing.

Guarantee of durability

Photorealistic quality is just one of the advantages of the sublimation method used for full-printing. Another is its incredible durability. You can wash and clean your clothes without any fear – without worrying about damaging the allover print. What does this mean? It means that you don’t have to limit yourself to “clean” sports or that your design will be a one-off. This way you can gift your employees, loved ones, or team something that will faithfully serve them for years to come!

We can provide you with…

The clothing and gadgets we use are as durable as the allover print. What does this mean? First of all, it means that they won’t tear or stretch the first time you use them. If you want to print your unique t-shirt with us, you can choose from:

100% polyester - structure "in a tear"
100% polyester - structure "in a puma"
polyester 60%, cotton 40% - imitation cotton
polyester 50%, cotton 50% - "sandwich" material with cotton on the inside and polyester on the outside

Such variety should be more than enough to help you realize your idea!

Allover print, what does it mean and how to order it?

The first part of the question we have covered. Otherwise known as – fullprint – allover printing involves printing the entire surface using the sublimation method. As for how to order – the best way is to look at our offer! There you will find all the most important information about the preparation of the project, price and materials used.

We can’t wait to see what idea you’ll want to implement with our help!

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