Computer embroidery

Computer embroidery

How much does computer embroidery cost?

A very popular method of decorating clothing is computer embroidery. It is decided not only by companies marking corporate clothing, but also by individual customers. Therefore, we often get questions: how much does such embroidery cost? How to calculate it? What do you need to prepare for the valuation? We will try to familiarize you with this topic, so that there is no doubt about this method of marking clothing.

What is computer embroidery?

Computer embroidery is the most noble method of decorating clothing. It is often chosen by customers precisely because of the aesthetics of the imprint as well as very good durability. In order to make very good computer embroidery you need good quality machines. We have embroidery machines from Tajima company. This equipment guarantees high quality embroidery. Complementing the machines are, of course, specialized embroidery programs and employees who have the art of embroidery in their little fingers ;-)

What can be embroidered on?

Practically on any type of clothing. Computer embroidery comes out nicely on sweatshirts, jackets, polo shirts, fleece, bags, towels, winter caps and baseball caps, T-shirts too, but if the shirts are extremely thin then unfortunately we won’t be able to make such embroidery, the shirts must be of a higher grammage. The minimum quantity we make is 10 pieces.

What about the design?

The file for computer embroidery must be prepared in vectors. We work on .cdr, .eps, .ai and .pdf files. From such a vector file we develop an embroidery program. The cost of laying out the embroidery program is 60,00 PLN net.

How is computer embroidery priced?

The project to be embroidered is thrown through our embroidery program. It calculates the number of needle strokes. This will allow us to calculate what will be the cost of embroidering on 1 piece. Approximately we price 1000 stitches – 1,50 PLN net. This is the most precise pricing. We make embroidery on very good threads, if you need embroidery on special threads such as gold or silver then we have to make an individual quote, because these threads are more expensive to purchase.

How much does a patch cost?

As in the case of embroidery on clothing, so here we need a vector design for the valuation of the number of needle strokes. On this basis we will be able to make a quote for the patch. The minimum number of patches we make is 10 pieces.

What is 3D embroidery?

This is convex embroidery. It is made mainly on baseball caps. It is a specialized, very impressive, method of decoration. Such embroidery comes out best on very simple designs like large letters, short lettering. It will not be possible to do this type of embroidery with designs with small elements, complicated patterns.

What are the limitations with computer embroidery?

It is impossible to reproduce the design perfectly. Embroidery is not suitable for thin and delicate fabrics. The design must not contain too small and detailed elements. The minimum lettering for embroidery must be at least 5 mm high, and preferably 7 mm. It is impossible to make tonal color transitions.

Knowing these basics, it may be easier for you to decide on this type of garment decoration. If you have any questions, we are available at email

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