What printing technique pays off best for companies?

What printing technique pays off best for companies?

Penny to penny, and it will be…. best and cheapest. Many companies opt for personalized gadgets, clothing or accessories. This is a good way to promote the brand and build brand recognition. An initial plan is made, a design is created, but it is also important to calculate the cost of production. It must be professional, high quality, but also profitable for your company. Costs and how the product is made depend on many things, and at some stage of implementation, meet the choice of printing technique. 

Advertising T-shirts, cotton bags – like with screen printing 

Need a large print run? The choice is simple – screen printing. This is a printing technique that loves flat and large surfaces. You can use the screen printing method to mark clothing, cotton accessories or eco-friendly bags. Deciding on this technique, the color palette stands before you and is really rich. You can choose to print in the shade of your dreams from the Pantone solid coated palette. And when it comes to the issue of durability, screen printing wins any duel with the washing machine, the prints are durable and unbreakable.

The more, the cheaper – that would be the motto of screen printing technology, if it were human. If you order more pieces, costs are reduced. You can order T-shirts made with this technique from 10 pieces, but the cost-effectiveness starts from 35 pieces! Smaller quantities are sometimes better done with a different printing technique, such as flex film or DTF digital printing for multi-color designs.

Sports t-shirts, multi-colored and rich designs – this is premium! 

Do your employees play sports? Do you have a company that presents itself at sporting events? Great – we are rooting for you and have a proposal for you. Fullprints made with the sublimation method is the answer for those who want to develop graphically every smallest millimeter of material. Sublimation guarantees high quality combined with deep pattern saturation. 

The full-print method, is most often used in the production of sports shirts. Each T-shirt can be personalized differently, for example, containing the name of the athlete. Does the jersey make the players win every match? We make no promises, but one thing is certain – in a duel with the washing machine, definitely 0:1 for the print. Sewn full-print T-shirts, you can order from 10 pieces. Competitors ready?

Embroidered names of employees who will stay longer 

We already know that you certainly form a close-knit team. Just imagine… T-shirts in a brand-identifying color and elegant embroidery? That sounds like a plan. Embroidery is an extremely striking decoration technique that is suitable for polo shirts, sweatshirts, towels, bags and patches. Plan your brand identity well, bet on high quality and be premium! 

Design the success of your business!

As we all know and are familiar with the common saying – advertising is the lever of commerce. There is a lot of truth in this, there is no denying it. If you already know the best and most advantageous printing method for your company, you can proceed. Through advertising T-shirts, or personalized bags or gadgets, you manage to reach a large number of potential customers. You take care of the order, design, and they – go on into the world, bring fame to the company. 

And what’s more? With our wizard Fanatic.co.uk it is extremely easy. It’s the perfect tool for people who have an idea and want to implement it in a simple way. Company gadgets or personalized clothing has never been so accessible. Our design program has a lot of options and tools, and we will do everything so that you can enjoy the highest quality printing. 

Design, configure and order! 

We are professionals. We remain at your service, if you have a question – call and consult with us about your idea. Do you need a larger quantity of products or apparel? This is no problem for us. We have presented the most advantageous printing method for you, but we do not close ourselves to conversation. We want the best for our customers. We want your project to be unique and beautiful. 

One thing is certain – it’s a project worth the investment. With us you can do it at low cost and get the highest quality. 

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